The Perfect Black And Tan Beer Layering Tool

The Perfect Black And Tan Beer Layering Tool
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Manufacturer Description

With The Perfect Black And Tan beer layering tool you can enjoy serving pub-style layered beer drinks.

You will enjoy endless experimenting with all the different beer types. Instructions included. Full instruction booklet available too. Just ask!

Lifetime Guarantee! Make great looking and tasting black and tans or your money back.

If you can pour a beer, you can create a perfect black and tan layered drink. It's as easy as it looks! Get yours now.

How does it work? Creating layered beer drinks is all about liquid density. A lighter liquid will float on top of a heavier one. Just like oil floating on water. Unlike oil and water however, because the basic composition of different beers is very similar and their densities relatively close, the liquids will not separate after being mixed. Therefore, in order to create a great layered beer, the top lighter beer must be gently poured over the bottom heavier beer layer to minimize the mixing and allow the beer layers to remain separate.

Product Features

BEST BEER LAYERING TOOL AVAILABLE: You can make pub style "Black and Tan" layered beer drinks at home FULL REFUND: Make great Black and Tans or your money back. No questions asked IF YOU ENJOY BEER: Here is a different and dramatic way to serve and enjoy beer MAN CAVE MUST HAVE: A unique addition to any home bar. This is the ORIGINAL and not a copy product! STAINLESS STEEL: Strong and food safe. Easy rinse for cleaning.

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